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Community, moderated with care

Adaptive moderation AI tool. Ensures a safe space for all members of your unique community and lightens your workload.

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Our Solution

Adaptive Moderation

Backed by cutting edge research, we offer a truly unique solution that aligns with the distinct cultures and ethical standards of individual communities, ensuring a nuanced approach to community moderation and lightening your team's workload

Safety You Can Rely On

Protect your online realm with our advanced security measures. We proactively monitor activities to deter harmful behavior, ensuring a safe space for all community members

Ultimate Visibility

Unmatched insights that help you better understand your audience, track engagement metrics, and adjust your strategies to cultivate a vibrant online community

  • Automated Content Moderation

  • Customization Capabilities

  • User Behavior Analytics

  • Reporting and Analytics Dashboard

  • Integration Ease

  • Multi-Platform Capabilities

How it works

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1. Integrate

Invite our bot, app, or agent into existing online community with simple 1-2-click setup.

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2. Customize

Tailored and easily customizable moderation policy options with natural language descriptions are developed through analysis of Community history.

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3. Automate

90% of moderation cases are automatically handled, providing alerts and tools for efficient human intervention when necessary.

Plans and Pricing

Community Core


  • Essential moderation tools
  • Community-specific
  • Real-time Insights

Builders Kit

from $50/month

  • Broad Integration Capabilities
  • Access to Developer Tools
  • All Community Core Features

Global Reach

Contact us

  • Data Residence & Compliance
  • Capabilities for Any Scenario
  • Dedicated Account Manager

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